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SharpSpell Desktop - Universal/OEM License 3.0

SharpSpell Desktop - Universal/OEM License 3.0

SharpSpell Desktop - Universal/OEM License Publisher's Description

SharpSpell 3.0 is the most powerful and most advanced Spell-Checker component for ASP.NET and Windows.Forms developers.

Features in 3.0:
  • Major API redesign.
    The API in version 3.0 has been completely redesigned and now fully conforms to the .NET Framework Design Guidelines.
  • Spell-As-You-Type Real-Time Spell-Checking in the browser window!
    SharpSpell 3.0 now includes support for Spell-As-You-Type (real-time wavy underline spell checking) in Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0 and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and later.
  • Simplified implementation.
    SharpSpell does not use nor require a proprietary textbox control. SharpSpell can now attach to any TextArea HTML element (eg: the ASP.NET Multi-line TextBox Control).
  • AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) enabled.
    The ASP.NET Spell-Check Dialog is now fully AJAX-enabled. This means that SharpSpell does not generate or require any page refreshes (postbacks).
  • Improved dictionaries.
    The default English dictionary now contains a hardcoded list of manually edited common misspellings and suitable replacements, for the rare cases where SharpSpell doesn't automatically generate the best suggestions.
  • XHTML support.
    SharpSpell 3.0 works flawlessly in Strict rendering mode and Quirks (Transitional) rendering mode for HTML or XHTML.
  • Supports ASP.NET web-sites and Windows.Forms desktop applications.
    SharpSpell 3.0 provides both ASP.NET Server Controls and Windows.Forms Controls/Components.
  • Completely JavaScript driven.
    No need for your visitors to install any client-side software.
  • No code-behind necessary.
    Just drop the SharpSpell control on your .aspx page or your Windows.Forms form, set a couple of properties and compile. It's that simple.
  • Works with both RichTextBox and TextBox in Windows.Forms, and with any TEXTAREA elements (TextBox controls) in ASP.NET.
    SharpSpell 3.0 works on top of regular textbox controls, so you can continue using them as if nothing changed!
  • Automatic fall-back mode in unsupported browsers.
    If SharpSpell detects it is running in an unsupported browser, it will not attempt to enable real-time spell-checking, leaving the TEXTAREA (ASP.NET TextBox control) intact.

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